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Spacious ACP/Spacious Widgets

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Spacious ACP/Spacious Widgets

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August 4th, 2017: Spacious ACP 8 released.

NEW! Send PM to member from ACP Member page.
NEW! Plugins now have version numbers displayed alongside titles.
NEW! Option for tighter row spacing to display more list items per-given screen space.
NEW! ACP secondary menu now wraps the link around the <li> element, not the text. That means easier navigation for you!
NEW! Option for much better formatted (read: less space used) new version announcements and bulletins. Recommend on.
NEW! Warnings and license key alerts altered for consistency with new version announcements and bulletin.

Still more work to come but I need to work some other apps and plugins before I swing back to this one. Widgets on tap, still with the language keys, the background image for the login page needs a proper file extension, I think the system overview widget needs a touch up for CIC users, and probably some buggy things that will pop up since I can't test everything all the time... And yeah, I need to go through these screen shots again and get them all up to speed with the 4.2 version. I think I'm missing the Member widget for one...

Those of you using the separate Marketplace plugin to PM members from the ACP will have noticed it doesn't work on 4.2. Feel free to uninstall it; Spacious has got your back for that. Did need to move the link though (see screenshot). I'll eventually update the freebie but not for awhile.

The free plugin for adding version numbers to plugins does work with 4.2. The Spacious version sticks them in-line with the plugin name though saving you a ton of horizontal space.

If you were thinking about purchasing this, sooner rather than later would be a good idea - if you want to save $5. Bump to $15 is due once I get around to this again and release Spacious ACP 9. Renews will stay at $5 though. Fair warning and all that...

July 22nd, 2017: Spacious ACP 7 released. First 4.2 compatible version, if you need 4.19.4 or lower use an older version.

Originally I wanted an ACP theme that would display more options/information on a smaller sized laptop screen (i.e. 1600x900) and provide some customization. With 4.2 IPS has adopted many of the ideas of Spacious into the default ACP  (better tab spacing,  removed extraneous, useless spaces, etc.) so now the focus of Spacious is on customization and adding features to enhance and improve what you do on the admin side of things.

  • Animation and hover effects for a smoother, more app-like feel.
  • Header, primary, and secondary menu background colors fully changeable.
  • Header, primary, and secondary menu font colors fully changeable.
  • Change the name of the ACP to whatever you want.
  • Un-sticky the ACP header to gain more screen-estate when scrolling.
  • Latest IPS news and Admins Online widgets have been altered for better display.
  • Optional modern-style dashboard widget format.
  • New widgets!
  • Other under-the-hood changes...

New Widgets!

Spacious ACP comes with new dashboard widgets to fill in the gaps left by the rather lackluster IPS dashboard widgets. Includes:

System Overview: Real-time server load, IPS installation size, IPS database size, memory available (or free), storage space available, options for Community in the Cloud customers, and more!

Gallery Overview: Mostly a rework of the default Gallery widget but with better formatting and it now displays the four most popular images in the Gallery.

Forum Statistics: The most glaring IPS omission. Sparkline trends for both topics created and responses made. Lots more - check it out! 

Member Statistics: Major upgrade over the default IPS member statistics dashboard widget. Configurable. Google chart bits. Neat!

System Errors: Lists last five (max) system errors so you can actually see what problems are occurring under the hood. Direct links to error reports and system error page.

SimilarWeb: A website ranking/tracking service. Two SW default widgets for tracking visitor types and relative rankings, embedded in a single IPS dashboard widget. The rankings widget can have two additional websites added for tracking alongside your own site.

Alexa: Get your Alexa ranking (for whatever that's worth...) right in your dashboard. Both global and national. Updates daily (though Alexa updates rankings once a week) and flags trending up or down from previous check.

Database Overview: Just a few basic stats. More on this later.

Most Active Topics Last 3 Days: As stated. Based on topic responses only. Maximum five listed. Useful for large boards where you are likely to overlook where the action is at any given time.

These are all under active development. Refinement and new widgets can be expected.


Login Page Customization: Add a background or just change the color. The login box is totally customizable as well including transparency and the option to add additional text.

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Dash Buttons: Add some more quick link buttons to the top of the dashboard - administrator logs, moderator logs, tasks, and a super-convenient clear caches button!

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And of course stuff, see the screenshots!


Starting with 4.2 there is only an application to install.
If you already have the Spacious ACP theme and Spacious Widgets application installed first delete the Spacious ACP theme. It is not compatible with 4.2. Now, you can either upgrade the Spacious Widgets application with this Spacious ACP 7 application (yes, just go ahead and upgrade, do not install as a new app) or you can delete the Spacious Widgets application and then install this new one.  If you upgrade the existing application you'll probably need to hit the support tool to clear the caches before everything starts working with theme changes and so on. This is expected (happened to me during testing)

The move to just the single application is due to IPS soon to remove the ability for themes to be set for the ACP. 

All the configuration settings to alter the ACP appearance, add/remove features, configure widgets that require configuring, and changing your ACP login page are all available in under Customization - Spacious ACP : Settings.

To add the new widgets to your dashboard just click the add button on the dashboard, choose and then drag them where you want them to be. Be aware that both Forum and Member Statistics only support the large display widget area. All the others can be used in the large or small areas.

Heads Up! Widgets with Google Charts in them will render weird when you first drag them onto the dashboard. Just refresh the page.

In the support topic. This initial release will have some quirks with responsive css on Phone view plus left-to-right language support is pretty much nil right now. Also language bits. I need to add more variables so you can at least translate some stuff in the widgets.


Some of the new widgets give you a sampling of statistical information you probably want about your site and though you can request that I add some things of this nature to Spacious Widgets they will probably NOT be added as that will require storing substantial information in the database. That's well beyond the scope of an ACP theme and some add-on widgets. Better off in a separate application where it can be done right.

In some server/hosting situations some data I try to read for the System Overview widget may not be accessible. Do not buy this if the Server Overview widget is the only thing you are interested in. No refunds will be approved due to some elements of that widget not working correctly on your site.

Specifically, you will need allow read access to the /proc directory on Centos/Red Hat/Ubuntu systems and in some cases you may have an Apache setting called open_basedir preventing this. A simple file edit on your server will usually solve this. VestaCP users will need to edit some configuration templates to change this variable.

Cost/Allowed Use:

$10/$5 every six months. Basically $10 a year once you get going for a customizable ACP and a bunch of new dashboard widgets (with more on the way!). Feel free to skip a renew if you must but if you skip more than one renewal and try to renew more than a year later and I may just have you buy it outright again. Renewals keep us devs going! Licensed for your IPS site bound to your IPS account plus any/all dev boards (localhost or otherwise). Other sites should/need to get their own licensed copy of Spacious ACP. All rights reserved, etc. 

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