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IPS 4.x.x Group Icons per theme

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Currently with IPB 4 if you use the Team Icons feature in admincp it will be applied to ALL themes which may look ok in some themes but not others.

If anyone is interested the following will allow using different team icons per theme.

To use Team Icons in IPB 4:

Create your Team Icons making note of filenames (e.g. team_admin.png, team_mod.png)

Upload your team icon images via the Manage Resources ('drop down arrow' far right of theme name)

Now we need to make changes to css and templates:


AdminCP >> Customization >> Themes >> Far right of theme name 'Edit HTML/CSS'

Templates Tab

Scroll down to Forums >> Topics >> Post Container

Now, find where you want to place your Team Icon image and add following code:

Hidden Content

    Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.



In custom.css add:

Hidden Content

    Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.

Repeat above for all Groups

NOTE: the classes used MUST be EXACTLY same as the Group Names in your AdminCP (note the A instead of a)

Once done, save and should find you will have Team Icons showing

The above will only add the team icons to THAT THEME for other Themes you will have to do same as above for each Theme.

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