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Bookmarks 1.3.0


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About This File

Bookmarks is an easy and convenient way to save and bookmark content that you want to find later:

  • Want to save a long topic for later reading?
  • Don't want to lose your spot in an interesting topic?
  • Need to mark something for moderator review?  
  • Curious about other people's favorite bookmarks?  

Bookmarks  saves you the hassle of rummaging through multiple pages, searching, and navigating to find that one post you wanted to later review.  With one click, you and your users can save any post as a bookmark.  It offers a convenient way to compile, store, and organize your most favorite posts from around the community into your own set of bookmarks.     


Bookmarks offers the following features:

  • Public Bookmarks - Public bookmarks are viewable by other members and guests on a tab on the member's profile page.  
  • Private Bookmarks - Private bookmarks are viewed only by yourself.  This is perfect for the posts you secretly love to return to!  
  • Unlimited Bookmarks - Let your users save as many bookmarks as they want!  
  • Notifications - The content creator can get a notification when somebody bookmarks his content
  • Activity Stream 
  • Simple Mode - Enhanced features like the bookmark type and categories will be deactivated


Bookmarks works with the following content items:

  • Topic Posts
  • Blog Entries
  • Blog Comments
  • Download Files
  • Download Comments
  • Gallery Images
  • Gallery Comments
  • Gallery Albums
  • Project Manager Items
  • Project Manager Comments


Bookmarks is designed to be super fast and user-friendly.  The application uses a "table join" to fetch the bookmark, so no extra queries are run on the content page.  It also utilizes AJAX technology to manage the bookmarks.  This means when you add or remove the bookmark, the bookmark is instantly removed without reloading the page - giving an instant and seamless transition to your users.  


Instructions on how to add the Bookmark link to an IP.Pages template:

1. Open the Pages App Template Editor and open for the "record" template


2. Search for

{{if $record->canManageRevisions()}}
				<li><a href='{$record->url('revisions')}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_link ipsButton_fullWidth' title="{lang="content_view_revisions"}">{lang="content_view_revisions"}</a></li>

3. Add below

 {{if $record->canBookmark()}}
                {template="bookmarkLink" app="bookmark" group="bookmark" location="global" params="$record"}


What's New in Version 1.3.0


New Features:

  • Simple Mode - Bookmarks can be bookmarked with only 1 click without the need to submit the form; This feature deactivates enhanced features like bookmark visibility and category
  • Minor visual enhancements like modals for editing and deleting categories, and gallery albums and images include the image in the preview
  • Permissions - 2 new Permissions were added:
    • Can create bookmarks?
    • Can create private bookmarks?

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