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Invision Community is a flexible, feature-packed and easy to customize platform that powers some of the biggest and best communities on the web.

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The advantages of
IPS Community Suite


Thanks to the sophisticated architecture, you can easily find the desired page in a few clicks.


Use AJAX technology, which allows you to work with parts of the site without reloading the page.


Use advanced anti spam bots, including anti-spam service IPS Spam Service.


Change any settings. Connect the new functionality and modify existing in the ACP.


Do not lose touch with your users through the site compatible with mobile devices.


Create a unique application or plug-in for their own needs and sell it to the IPS Marketplace.

We provide services


Professional translation applications, plug-ins and styles from the team IPS Community Suite 4 interpreters.


Services in support of communities from regular updates to address the problems and issues.


Development of new applications and plug-ins, using all the features and benefits IPS4 Framework.

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